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A soldiers perspective

The team at Forge Through are absolute legends and I had an blast not only forging a knife, but forging new mateship and support amongst the veteran community. The passion and care Dean has for teaching and mentoring is second to none. Furthermore, the quality of the finished product is fantastic.

Big shout out to Dean and Gina for being amazing hosts who made us feel like family from the moment we arrived. They provide a safe place for veterans and first responders to come together and share their experiences. A place where you will be accepted, encouraged, and where you belong.

This program provides a unique opportunity for the veteran and first responder community to not only engage in a meaningful activity, but also to meet likeminded people and re-find a sense of community, but also provide guidance through the first steps of support where needed where suffering (or have suffered from) demands of their role in the service to Australia.

Being at the forge provided a sense of purpose as you embark on a meaningful project with a tangible outcome (the production of a one off forged knife). Realisation of a concept to a finished product under expert tutelage provides a mentally positive response and an overwhelming sense of achievement of making something that will last forever as a direct result.

Turning scrap metal into your own unique knife is no easy task, but you are provided with excellent guidance along the way by Dean and the mentors and in the end come out with more than a beautiful knife. You will come out with new friends, a renewed spirit, and a new family.

I hope to be back soon and assist with mentoring, and also support them in any way possible.

Adam - Army (serving)

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