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Bolaro Forge Gets An Upgrade

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Many Hands made light work as the members of Forge Through united to help build the new Blacksmiths Hut and erect the new Bolaro Forge sign.

A great bunch of Forge Through participants donated there time and returned to Bolaro for a busy couple of weekends that sure made some smiles when it was all said and done.

The intrepid bunch of volunteers was split up into groups to get the tasks underway. With great enthusiasm people glammered on to the trusty Hamilton Ute and set off down towards the front gate. With some great teamwork and inspirational quotes the task was complete with little fuss.

The other group had started helping at the saw mill to ensure enough timber was cut for the construction of the blacksmith's hut. Timber was cut stacked and prep had started to stand the frame.

The energy was electric, everyone found their groove and before long the process was like watching a well drilled team in action.

After a couple of curses and blisters, progress was quickly becoming apparent.

All in all it was a wonderful excuse for guys to come together and get to meet others and introduce some wives and girlfriends.

Forge Through is not just a flash in the pan course, it continues to provide support and assistance to the members of the group long after there course is complete.

Again thank you to every one that could make it down to the Bolaro Forge to assist.

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