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Bolaro Takes A Beating

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

2019 ended in spectacular fashion at Bolaro Forge, the mighty Currowan Fire had danced around Bolaro for most of November and December before wind and conditions drove the fire straight at Bolaro Forge.

Preparation's to defend the property had began during November after conditions and the fire had most of NSW's emergency services on the backfoot. Pumps, hoses and extra water carts where prepared and placed around the buildings and infrastructure of Bolaro.

Dean and Gina tried to carry on with life as normal, but with road closures and livestock being moved to emergency shelters, things were far from normal. Despite the threat Dean spent his time checking various websites and weather apps as he attempted to finish the house in time for the family Christmas.

On 30th December, the fire decided that its dance around Bolaro was done and impact was imminent, with military like precision Dean, Gina and family members conducted the final preparations. With deteriorating conditions and strong southerly winds planned for New Years eve, tension was thick in the air as the fire roared like a jet around the forge.

With fire rapidly approaching the triple 000 call was made to see what RFS assets where available, within minutes the Nelligen RFS where on scene as the fire raced across the paddocks. Due to safety concerns and so many competing priority's the RFS withdrew from the fight. As the firetruck left, one could see multiple 4x4 with water carts pushing through the smoke and flames to ensure that Bolaro Forge remained safe.

After and intense but successful battle, the neighbours that came to the rescue of Bolaro needed to return back to their own properties. Each person that held a hose on that day performed admirably in tough and challenging conditions.

To all the people that assisted in the saving of the Forge, the Forge Through family thanks you and without the help and assistance from some wonderful people I'm sure that the situation would have been very different.

Scorched but not beaten, the Australian landscape is one of hardship and beauty.

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