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Fearless Female

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

When a friend of mine recommended me for the Forge Through course I thought, why me?... I don't know the first thing about knives. He assured me that Dean and his team would guide me through it and I'll love it. My creative nature was curious and my stubborn side told me to take on the challenge, and I'm so glad I did.

I live with PTSD everyday. I never get a break and it's mentally exhausting. To be offered the opportunity to be myself and not be judged, to represent women and to make something with my bare hands has been an honour.

The course is very well orchestrated, with plenty of time to chill out in a setting that can only be described as heavenly.

Dean and Gina were so welcoming. The accomodation is warm and like a home away from home. The food was delish!

The course has a mentor who helps out and reassures you that they have done it, so you can too. Bottsy was extremely patient and such a fantastic asset to the team.

Being a woman, I had my anxieties, especially in concern to my physical strength. My mind went to dark places and I doubted myself because I had never used most of the equipment before and felt out of my depth. But the guys reassured me at every step. I felt so much support and cant believe I have created such an amazing knife.

Thank you to the Forge Through family and would highly recommend anyone, especially women, to give it a go.

Brae – NSW Ambulance

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