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Fishing is a huge part of the forge through journey

Fishing has become a huge part of the social aspect of the Forge Through Program, it provides us with a chance to leave the busy world behind and reconnect with each other and nature. Time spent amongst friends, some new and some old, provides a much needed recharge for the soul.

The Forge Through Fishing Program is running three major camps like this each year and 25 other fishing sessions throughout the year to encourage people to escape their heads for a short time and to learn some techniques to improve their fishing success. We have the support and assistance from some of Australia's best anglers and the big hitters in the tackle industry. We are also very proud to announce that we have been given a grant by the NSW Recreational Fishing Trust to continue our work and grow the program, fishing licence fees being used to assist Veterans and First Responders recover from the adverse effects of their careers.

Please follow us on the Forge Through Fishing Facebook page, maybe you could assist in some way or maybe you would like to join us? If you are at home wrestling with the old memories, reach out to us. Perhaps we can help you make some new memories.

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