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Forge Through Embodies Mateship And Teamwork

Everyone has their own story to tell about their struggles with mental health,

being a current serving Police Officer, I believe having the opportunity to be in an

environment where you are able to share stories with other people who are going

through, or have gone through something similar helps stop the feeling of

isolation amongst the people in your own world.

Forge Through embodies mateship, teamwork and the ability to tackle something

completely unknown.

Watching your creation develop before your eyes through the knife building

process and finding success by finishing a beautiful product you will be proud to

show everyone was an amazingly exhilarating experience.

Throughout the whole program I found the lessons and patients learnt to make a

beautiful knife can be used in forging and polishing my way to making a beautiful

life that I would be proud of sharing with my family.

Thank you to the guys on my course and a big thank you to everyone who is

involved with the Forge Through program, I will be recommending the program to

other colleagues in the future.

Anthony – NSW Police

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