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Sustainability and longevity ensured

The Forge Through Program was envisaged many years ago as a day dream whilst I sat alone in the workshop hand sanding blades. The place where many thoughts and ideas are pondered. I had a vision of sharing the things I had learned and discovered about my own mental health journey back from the brink, whilst engaged in the art of knife making.

With the amazing support of my wife Gina and my close friend Jeff, we have developed and delivered the program for over four years. Donating our time, our resources and our home to the course. This has been done with an immense amount of moral support from the community and some very loyal support via goods and services to help run the program and reduce our out of pocket expenses.

The Forge Through Program has grown into a reliable and respected program that is helping people in a manner that is different from the normal and is having a real impact on people lives. This work has been discovered by VGI Partners Foundation and they have offered to assist financially to ensure that the good work we are doing is sustainable and enduring.

I am overwhelmed with support from the VGI Partners Foundation and their dedication to bringing help to veterans and first responders who are trying to find their way back. Their assistance will ensure that we are here into the future continuing to develop that dream envisaged sitting in my forge all those years ago.

On behalf of the entire Forge Through family, I thank you VGI Partners Foundation. You are helping us make a difference in the lives of those that have served their country and communities.

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