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The River Runs Rich At Bolaro

After months of dry hot conditions at Bolaro Forge, the heavens have opened. Significant rainfalls have fallen and is a welcome sign for the flora and fauna that has been effected by the Currowan fire. Over 400mm has fallen over the last 2 weeks and the Forge has popped with colour.

This certainly has eased some stress after the fire and bought a new hope for Forge Through and has been a great example of recovery and resilience.

The fire recovery is in full swing with an epic working bee being conducted with friends and family of Forge Through, dangerous trees have been felled, fences repaired and livestock returned to Bolaro.

2020 looks to be bright for Forge Through despite the setbacks of January and February. Many exciting events are planned and we look forward to seeing you all over the year and your involvement in the future.

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