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The Role Of the Mentor

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

One of the great strengths of Forge Through is the ability to keep the past participants engaged and still connected to the great milestones that are being meet at Bolaro Forge.

Through the use of mentors we have the ability for participants to continue their journey and give back to the future of Forge Through.

When the course is underway the role of the mentor is crucial to the success and experience. On the surface, the mentor ensures all of the house keeping is taken care of. Duties to be undertaken are preparation and cooking of meals, ensuring that the living accommodation is kept clean and hygienic, making sure that everyone is feed and watered at each meal timing.

The enrichment of Forge Through, in a lot of ways can be put down to the efforts and contribution of the mentors, secret family recipes, home made cakes and pickles are just some of the small things that make Forge Through feel like a family atmosphere.

The participants meeting other peers at a different stage of the healing journey is also something that has been very beneficial, knowing when to listen and knowing when someone could do with the benefit of the mentors journey are also highly regarded attributes for the mentor.

I strongly recommend all participants to work towards being a mentor, but we do understand that some are more suited then others. I think its a great part of the healing journey and great way to continue to be apart of Forge Through, if time allows you may even get the chance at continuing to develop your bladesmith skills.

The power of the Forge Through fire is more then just warmth.

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