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2018 Forge Through Fishing Event

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

The 2nd Forge Through Fishing Day is done and dusted. St Georges Basin, situated on the South Coast of New South Wales turned on the weather again for the veterans and first responders that attended.

The day started with the boaters finding there non boaters and brief introductions were exchanged, the event start was from the magnificent Palm Beach, Sanctuary Point. With all crews sorted and eager to start, 25 boats roared off from the start line.

Over there next few hours many of the participants mixed it up with some epic fish. Pictures of fantastic fish started to fill inboxes as there was plenty to boast about. With the fishing starting to heat up the guys needed to buckle down and make every cast count.

As the day progressed the different tactics became apparent, crews targeted Jewfish, Flathead and Bream, although no Jew's were boated I think most crews spied them on there sounders and dropped lures on them like depth chargers to no avail.

The famous Basin Flathead were around and hungry with some great fish being landed.

With tired arms and tall story's to share the crews headed back to find out the results of the beautiful day on the water.

With scores being counted, it was time for the teams to enjoy the BBQ. This was no ordinary BBQ, the event was kindly supported by one of the finest BBQers in the Nation. Jared Moore, this fine gentlemen took the meat supplied by the Vincentia Butchers to another level. Pulled pork rolls were accompanied by succulent smoked chicken wings. To say it was good, is an understatement! With gobs being filled it was the perfect time to announce category winners and prizes. Huge wraps to all of the teams with a lot of the veterans and first responders catching PB fish.

We would like to thank all the people behind the scenes helping this come together, the sponsors for their donations and support, all the veterans and first responders for giving it a crack and last but not least, the champion anglers that took the time to take some strangers fishing.

As always, we are humbled by people's willingness to help.

I would like to expressly thank Gina, for helping me follow a hair brain idea and allow perfect strangers into our life to become family.

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